When the autumn comes, the British landscape will turn to be colourful, from leaf green, sap green, cadmium yellow hue, cadmium yellow deep hue to crimson. What a feast of colours the season gives. Perhaps we could manage a set at home to please ourselves.

We can recycle the seasonal colours to a home decor, but that we should make a little modification of the colours. Our suggestion is to apply tinted crimson, crimson, tinted yellow, the two yellows, shaded green, shady grey and creamy white just in case.

trending color in 2018

trending color in 2018

We can determine which colours should be used now. Mostly we suggest picking a pair. If favour yellows, they should be one tint and one bright to be painted on a ceiling and walls, between their zones a creamy white or a grey border is better to be drawn. The Crimson should pair either a shady grey or a tinted gray to be painted in a room. The third idea is to pick the pair of either tinted crimson and shaded green or crimson and tinted grey. Generally having a contrast between colours are more appealing. Here are just some examples that we prefer, you can create other combinations by matching two or three colours.

A decor being tasty should have furniture matching the colours of the walls and ceiling. We pick chairs as the example here. In this turn, we can have a few colours as extra options which are creamy white, greys and elegant black.

colorful armchair

Simply speaking, if a room was painted in light colours, chairs in bright colours should be chosen in order to not fade into the background; vice versa, chairs should be in creamy white, greys, or light colours aforementioned. We recommend you to browse those chairs in the pictures in our Panana Store. They can even match plain walls and ceilings. The furniture is also very cosy and pleasing to the eyes.

fabric armchair


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