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Choosing a new wardrobe gives you a great opportunity to solve your bedroom storage problems. 

♡ DURABLE MATERIAL - Finished in a stunning Matt scratch-resistant melamine coating, our wardrobe is made of solid particle board for sturdy construction. Smooth surface is easy to maintain and keep clean. Grey metal handles give the wardrobe modern touch but still keeping it nice and simple. ❀ OVE..

Check the size of the floor space available and the height of the ceiling before you buy your wardrobe. You will also need to check the height of the clothing rod as well. For blouses, skirts

and pants, a height of 45 inches would usually suffice while children’s clothes can be placed at a height of 30 inches approximately.

Deeper shelves are also advisable since they provide more storage. But make sure that the total measurement is not more than 15 inches because your apparel should be accessible. And of

course, do not let the wardrobe block any source of lighting in the bedroom.

Maintain adequate space between the rest of your bedroom furniture and the wardrobe for easy movement and operation.