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From books to framed photos, bookcases are perfect for displaying all of your knickknacks in an organized way.

This sophisticated and modern narrow display cabinet is a perfect choice for living room furniture. Cabinet door can be assembled to open either to the left or the right. Another attribute is a large space with two LED glass shelves which add an attractive feature to your living room in the evenings..

If you just want a basic bookcase to store books or show off knickknacks, then a standard bookcase should work for you. This can be tall or wide, with an open or closed back. And another

option is the cubic bookcase. While standard bookcases tend to have long shelves, cube storage options have square shelves where you can place books, decorative baskets or boxes. This

gives you the option to easily hide something from view. Also, some bookcases are almost as functional as decorative. Some bookcase designs are basically meant to look pretty while

showing off your best decor.