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Experts agree that getting good sleep is one of the single best ways to maintain and improve our health. A mattress is a huge factor in our ability to sleep well.

Townville memory foam sprung mattress allows maximum airflow and breathability, ensuring you won't get too hot or cold during the night.The high-density memory foam sprung mattress is made of hypo-allergenic materials, reflex foam and springs, which relieves pressure points and offers great support ..

Knowing the basics of each type can serve as a foundation as you continue your search for the best mattress.

Foam: These mattresses are made entirely of foam and have no coils. They tend to provide above-average contouring, pressure relief and motion isolation for the body, making them perfect for side sleepers and couples. Of the foams used in these mattresses, memory foam is the most well known.

Built-in springs: Built-in spring mattresses have a coil-based support system and several other layers. While coils provide some support, built-in springs usually lack pressure release. They have a more resilient sleep surface and limited motion isolation. They are more popular among budget shoppers because of their lower price.

Hybrid: Hybrids have two core elements: a built-in spring support core and a firm foam comfort system. The comfort layer can include foam or latex, and sometimes even shorter layers of coils (called microcoils). These mattresses combine bounce and contour with low insulation and can fit sleepers in any position very well, depending on how they are constructed.

Latex: When all layers of a mattress are made of latex rubber, some call it an all-latex or true latex mattress. For the sake of simplicity, we will only use the term latex mattress. These offer top-notch bounce and durability as well as moderate contouring. When made from natural and organic latex, they are a popular choice for the environmentally conscious shopper.

Airbeds: Airbeds use an air chamber as the core of support. A pump controlled by a smartphone or remote control is built into the mattress, adding or removing air at the push of a button to provide maximum firmness and flexibility for the sleeper. Couples love inflatable beds because each side can be set to a different firmness level.

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